Massageform Shaper Attach – the self-adhesive Shaper

Massageform Shaper Attach – Style 11485

A self-adhesive shaper to be attached directly onto the skin of the chest. The adhesive surface of the backside layer ensures secure fixation. No getting out of place.

The shaper can be applied and removed without it leaving adhesive residues on the skin. To ensure gentle removal, the adhesive effect was alleviated around the mamilla.

We recommend daily cleaning of the shaper backside and the use of our specially developed cleansing paste ABC Form Clean.

An optimal solution for the aesthetic compensation and re-establishment of breast symmetry after breast conserving surgery or reconstruction. Secure and steady fixation through self-adhesive backside layer. Can be worn directly on the skin or inside a well-fitted bra.

4 – 12

Care instructions with warranty card, two care cloths for wearing in the bra pocket, protection film for adhesive backside

Beautiful case for storage and transport.