Breast Prostheses by ABC Breast Care

A breast prosthesis is designed to reestablish anatomical body balance and aesthetic symmetry subsequent to a breast surgery. It not only allows for optical compensation, but further helps women to regain security, confidence and positivity in their daily lives.

Breast prostheses by ABC Breast Care – Our product variety

ABC Breast Care offers a wide range of breast prostheses made of either standard or lightweight silicone. Our portfolio includes asymmetric breast prostheses that are specifically designed for either the right or the left side of the body. By using a combination of the different types of silicone, we create products providing maximum comfort, whilst meeting specific requirements. The elaborated designs of the backsides of our prostheses allow for various effects, such as the massaging impact on skin or scar tissue, self-adhesiveness or a snuggly fit. Choose from an array of shapes in numerous cup sizes.

You can rest assured that ABC Breast Care will go above and beyond to provide you with the best solution for your very own individual case – now and in the future.