ABC breast prostheses for optical and orthopedic weight compensation post breast surgery (mastectomy) ‎

Our product range of breast prostheses offers more than 300 shapes and sizes to choose from. This is not to be confused with a quantity over quality approach – we are diligent in our striving to provide each woman with her perfect fit!

The selection of prostheses and shapers is very diverse – just as each woman is different from the other! All breast prostheses are designed to fit either the right or the left side of the body. The ABC portfolio includes prostheses made of one, two or three different layers of silicone. The different material combinations allow for a maximum comfort in wearing. Unique designs of the backside layer equip the prosthesis with either one or even all – a massaging, self-adhesive or cooling effect on the skin.

Next to the different shapes, we offer an array of sizes to meet every woman’s needs for perfect breast symmetry.

Our ongoing research efforts and new product developments are in close cooperation with medical experts and the recent surgical standards.